Melanie Stitt LCSW, LMSW

Melanie Stitt LCSW, LMSW


Growing up, I lived all over the world, forcing me to adapt to new and unknown situations. During this time, I had to make new friends, learn new customs and basically “start over” every 2 to 4 years until I went to college. The constant changes helped me become an "expert" in dealing with transition, navigating new relationships and adapting to different environments. This is the experience I bring to my work with young adults.  

I received a Bachelor of Science from Hampton University in VA and a Master's Degree in Social Work from New York University. I am a Licensed Social Worker in PA and NY. I’ve worked in the creative and mental health fields in New York City and Philadelphia for over 3 decades. The constant thread in all of my work has been the desire to help people discover ways to problem solve. My work is guided by my personal experiences, clinical and creative backgrounds.

I have a passion for working with young adults who are challenged by everyday struggles including, but not limited to:

  • self esteem

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • issues with transition

  • interpersonal relationships

When working with individuals, my goal is to empower them to trust decisions and help live the way they want to live with more joy and less stress. The goal is to uncover strengths and discover new ways to use them in order to start enjoying life and relationships. I believe that we all have tools to improve our quality of life; sometimes we just need someone else to help us find them.